Solid Blocks

Solid Blocks

High Strength Concrete Blocks are manufactured with best concrete recipe with primary focus on consistent quality, high load bearing and acoustical dimensional properties.


Standard Finish Blocks are used for normal masonary walls, both interior partitioning and external wall applications. It requires Mortar to cover up and smoothen the surface of the wall. (Compressive Strength 800/1000 psi)

Fair Face & Pigmented Blocks are Smooth Surface finished that does not require cover up or mortar for surface finish. Whereas, Pigmented finish does not require paint.   (Compressive Strength 800/1000 psi)


High Compressive Strength, High Thermal Efficiency, Fire Resistant, Low Shrinkage,
Excellent Fixability.

Blocks can also be manufactured according to customer’s requirements.

Blocks are available in higher strength for load bearing application.
Additional information available upon request.


  • Solid Block Fairface

    • Grey
    • Mud
    • Terracotta
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Brown
    • Charcoal

  • Standard Blocks

    • 6 ” X 8″ X 12″
    • 4 ” X 8″ X 12″

    Finished & Standard Blocks are also available in these size

    • 390 mm x 190 mm x 90 mm (Tolerance ± 4mm)
    • 390 mm x 190 mm x 140 mm (Tolerance ± 4mm)
    • 390 mm x 190 mm x 190 mm (Tolerance ± 4mm)

    Solid Blocks