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Ready Mix ConcreteAt CreteNCrete, we understand our concrete. Although ‘ready mix concrete’ is one of the most versatile building materials in the world which can assume virtually any shape and provide great strength, it is perishable in its plastic state and the final product is very sensitive to the quality of raw materials used and the production process. Mixing, transportation, placing and curing can influence its plastic and hardened properties.

This is why CreteNCrete places great emphasis on quality of its raw materials and its total quality management model that has been developed in line with international building material standards.

Carefully Selected Raw Materials: It goes without saying that concrete quality starts with the raw materials. Our raw materials are selected based on their performance. Once in use, we constantly monitor each ingredient to ensure it meets specifications.

Mix Design: Mix Designs are prepared and tested thoroughly to yield optimal performance.

Custom Mix Design: Available upon request.

Material Testing Laboratory: CreteNCrete is committed to delivering quality concrete as specified. Our production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art concrete laboratory to monitor the quality of raw materials and the performance of mix designs to assure that concrete meets and exceeds specifications.

In-House Testing: The constant in-house monitoring of our concrete performance through a regimented concrete sampling program.

Process Control: With our quality management system comes process control. We have a thorough system of quality control in our plants. This helps us to identify, document and correct most problems before they reach the field. These procedures also extend to the calibration and maintenance of all our batching and testing equipment.